Ek-Leng Chua-Miller, President/CEO

Ek-Leng Chua-Miller Ms. Chua-Miller has spent the last two decades successfully combining the worlds of direct marketing, science and technology. Prior to forming JumpStart Point of Arrival in 2005, she served as the Director of Credit Management and Business Analysis for The Columbia House Company, where she provided strategic direction for the DVD Club. Prior to this, she accumulated 12 years of direct marketing experience from BMG Direct, managing the company’s risk profile. Her expertise in modeling, database analysis, segmentation and system engineering was instrumental in leading each of these organizations to bad debt reductions, cost savings, response rate increases, quality improvements and process efficiencies. Ms. Chua-Miller is well known in the Direct Marketing industry for her analytic, managerial, and interpersonal communication skills, and possesses the unique ability to apply financial disciplines to marketing, finance and operations. She regularly manages high potential teams consisting of Statisticians, Analysts and SAS Programmers, and credits meticulous recruiting standards and the ability to attract and retain high potential team members as keys to successfully forming and managing a cohesive productive team. Ms. Chua-Miller has served as both the Treasurer and Vice-President of the Direct Marketing Credit Association. She has received professional training as an executive leader by Human Potential Project (HP2), and is fully committed to the ideals of high integrity, accountability and honesty. Ms. Chua-Miller holds advanced degrees in Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science from Western Michigan University and Purdue University. She and her husband currently reside in Indianapolis, enjoy traveling and ballroom dancing, and generously support a wide array of charitable causes.

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   There is no better investment for
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   no other consultant can put you
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   Ek-Leng and JumpStart. They
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   – Pat Milner
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