» Each member of our team is a proven leader, with wide-ranging talents in project management and mobilization.

» We have more than 35 years combined experience within the Direct Marketing industry, with additional service in other arenas including the Higher Education, Fundraising, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical industries.

» Our organization boasts over 10 years of Information Technology experience and more than 40 years of statistical and analytical expertise.

» We hold 10 advanced degrees in the highly technical fields of Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Additional disciplines include Economics, Business, Data Structure, System Engineering, Information Systems, and Chemistry.

» Our team members possess skill with hardware systems including Sun Solaris and IBM RS6000 and operating systems including Windows, UNIX, IBM VMS, and IBM MVS/TSO.

» We pride ourselves on having utilized SAS software for a combined 45+ years. In addition, we have utilized software packages including SPSS, SPSS Answer Tree, SPSS Clementine, ASA ModelMax, Jandel TableCurve, MINITAB, Cybersource Risk Manager, Statistica, Sigmaplot, SAS/ACCESS to DB2, and SAS Integration Technologies. We are also skilled in programming languages including COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, PL1, Assembly Language, C++, and JCL.

» Our organization features extensive expertise in the construction and maintenance of custom multi-terabyte data warehousing solutions.

» Our associates are all highly-skilled data auditors and analysts. We regularly employ statistical techniques including linear and weighted regression, logistic regression, discriminant and factor analysis, CHAID, clustering, profiling, CART/Decision Tree models, neural networks, and multivariate analysis.


     ABOUT US »
          AT A GLANCE

                   CHIEF STATISTICIAN»

   …creative thinking…a combination
   of common sense and mathemati-
   cal reasoning…

   …extremely talented….

   …relentless in pursuit of accurate,
   useful information…

   – Trudi K. Lindow
   – Operations Service Manager,
      Florida Natural Growers