JumpStart Point of Arrival, LLC was formed by a team of highly educated professionals sharing a common objective… To energize your organization's quest to achieve its ultimate goals.

Our core strengths lie in strategic planning, data integration, and scientific analysis, including database marketing, business analytics, and risk management. Our clients rely on us to generate ideas and mobilize projects, evaluate internal and external data sources and software, design integrated system solutions to support business objectives, suggest procedural modifications intended to maximize efficiency and productivity, propose practical implementation strategies, construct custom statistical models to improve response rates and predict profitability for chosen population segments, conduct comprehensive risk assessments, and perform analyses to fine-tune business policies and enhance the customer experience.

Our core values include honesty with ourselves and others. We choose to be ethical, highly-principled, and respectful of others in all business and personal dealings. Each of us is fully committed and accountable for his or her actions. We take great pleasure in the work we do, and are diligent and passionate in our efforts. As a result, we have built a sound reputation for integrity, speed, simplicity, and accuracy.

We take great pride in our capacity to connect the worlds of science and business, and we are supremely confident in the wide range of services we provide. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in propelling your business toward its ultimate point of arrival!

          AT A GLANCE »

                   CHIEF STATISTICIAN»

   …an outstanding talent that any
   company should feel fortunate to
   have working for them…

   …knowledge of the direct marketing
   paradigm and its strategic use of
   statistics to aid marketing,
   financial, and operational decision
   making is EXCELLENT.

   – Stephen Kubrin
   – President,
      Stephen Kubrin Associates