Sample Cases:

Business Case 1 (Data Visibility)

Vitamins-By-Phone Inc. is a brand name vitamin company selling directly to consumers via telephone only. The company traditionally checks for stock after the order has been completed because the order and the inventory systems are two separate entities. As the organization grows, the cost of contacting customers on out-of-stock items is increasing exponentially. The company would like to display the inventory availability to the telephone agent during the order process to reduce this cost. To achieve this, the organization elected to construct a single end-to-end database by integrating the separate order and inventory databases and making the result available to both systems. Due to this effort, the company has reduced the out-of-stock contacts by 75% and simultaneously increased sales.

Business Case 2 (Data Retention)

DesignIt is a company that produces custom designed T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and baseball jerseys. The company is interested in compiling data that can be used for targeting a new promotion. After compiling all available data points for a short time span, the company tested a new promotion to a cross-section of their existing customers. A profiling analysis was conducted on all the available data points after the test, and the most predictive data elements were then captured to reduce data storage and data capture costs.







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