Sample Cases:

Business Case 1 (Fatigued Media Strategy)

Historically, the vertical media had been attracting a high volume of profitable customers. However, as the cost of vertical media advertising increased and the customer's quality decreased, Gourmet-Direct Inc. decided to cease vertical media advertising. This decision has substantially impacted the company's sales volume. After a series of data mining efforts using the customer database, the company has identified specific highly profitable segments within this media. By targeting only these selected segments, the company was able to renegotiate volume tier structure pricing to reduce vertical media costs and increase profit.

Business Case 2 (Product Bundle Strategy)

MegaMakeup Inc. sells makeup at low cost directly to consumers via mail order. The company would like to increase sales by bundling products without impacting operational costs. After a sequence of optimization analyses and experimental designs, the company developed a makeup kit consisting of existing products that meets the current standard packaging size limitations. This best-selling makeup kit has increased the company sales by 25% with no impact on operational costs.







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